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¿Cuál par de Jeans te llevas a casa hoy?

100 Percent Denim

Channing Tatum
Fabric buyers search for denim in specific weights, depending on the apparel or home furnishings slated for production. Heavier denim, though strong, retains a stiff, canvas-like appearance. Lighter denim has natural drape, making it better for garment construction, such as in jackets, vests, jeans, dresses and tops.
Manufacturers and designers label 100 percent cotton denim garments as "preshrunk" to alert consumers that the garment has already undergone shrinkage. Labels not including this information indicate that the garment most likely will shrink at a 1 to 3 percent after each laundering, depending on the weight and type of denim.

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Bienvenido a Hombres en Jeans...

I take Him! Me lo llevo!
Tavi Castro

¿Cuál par de Jeans te llevas a casa hoy?





Denim Characteristics

The word "denim" comes from the phrase "serge de Nimes," referring to a fabric that originated in the French town of Nimes. The fabric was worn by cotton plantation workers in the 18th century because of its strength and ability to wear well. Known primarily in the present day as the fabric from which blue jeans are made, denim can be used to make jackets, skirts and other kinds of clothing and even upholstery.

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