sábado, 27 de marzo de 2010

Bienvenido a Hombres en Jeans... Disfrútalos!

Torso Masculino y Jeans... Me vuelven loca!

Ideas for Reusing Old Denim Jeans (4)

The Living Room
The front zipper from an old pair of jeans works well in an activity blanket for toddlers. Little animals and other treasures can be easily attached with a ribbon and hidden in the newly created pocket. To keep remotes and magazines from getting lost in the couch cushions, make an organizer from the top half of the jeans. The legs can then be cut off the bottom and reattached to the waistband or they can be folded back and secured with a belt. The legs can then be sewn to the waistband and placed under the cushion to hold the organizer in place.

Disfruta a Leighton Stultz en Jeans... Divino!

jueves, 25 de marzo de 2010

Bienvenido a Hombres en Jeans... son Tuyos!


Ideas for Reusing Old Denim Jeans (4)

The Kitchen

Old jeans make great aprons by cutting apart the inseams and sewing the fronts together. The pockets can be removed and used alone as magnets, or they can be sewn onto the leg for key holders. Because it can be cleaned easily, the recycled denim works well for place mats. Pot holders can be made by using leftover batting or material from shirts or sweaters between two layers of denim.

Enjoy Julian Fantechi...in jEANS!

domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010

Bienvenido a Hombres en Jeans... Son Tuyos!

Ideas for Reusing Old Denim Jeans (3)

Your Bedroom

Use the warmth of denim to make a wonderful quilt. Gather your old denim (and that of your friends and relatives) and cut it into squares. Then lay the denim into an interesting pattern and sew it all together. You can then extend this into your home decor by making pillow covers or shams, curtains (they look great over sheers and are great at blocking out the light), lamp shades, as well as chair cushions and covers. You can vary the theme by choosing denim in different shades or by adding embroidery, patches or fabric paint.

Qué hermosos son los chicos en jeans... Los amo!

viernes, 19 de marzo de 2010

Bienvenido a Hombres en Jeans... Son Adorables!

Ideas for Reusing Old Denim Jeans (2)

Your Closet

Cut the legs off and make a pair of shorts or Capri's. Another great idea is to make a skirt. First, decide the length and the width you would like to make the skirt. Then, lay it flat onto tissue paper so the legs make a triangle and trace the inseams. Next, fold the traced triangle in half and alter the sides to make them match adding a seam allowance on as you go. This pattern is then used to cut two pieces of cloth for the openings between the legs. After opening the inseams and crotch of the jeans, sew the triangles to the front back of the jeans making sure to leave a slit in the back of the skirt. You can also make slits on the sides of the skirt by opening the outside seams and hemming them. Feel adventurous? Sew in the inserts leaving the seam allowance on the good side of your skirt and allow it to fray! Do the jeans have holes or stains? Paint on them, embroider, glue on bead, or add interesting patches.

Disfruta a César Román en jeans...Hermoso!

jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010

Welcome to Men in Jeans... Enjoy Them!

Channing Tatum siempre perfecto... en Jeans!

Hombres en Jeans... Me encantan!

Enjoy Brett Hollands in Jeans... Beautiful!

Ideas for Reusing Old Denim Jeans (1)

Make Old Jeans Fashionable with These Green Ideas
Denim items created from old jeans are a creative way to add a feeling of comfort to your home. The material washes well and lasts for a long time making it a great economical and environmental choice. Everything from the pockets to the closures can be used to transform many areas of your home.