sábado, 7 de febrero de 2009

Bienvenido a Hombres en Jeans... Disfrútalos!

Levi´s Nude

Hot Male Model in Jeans: Felipe Oliveira

Old Navy Jeans Are My Fashion Staple - Which Pair is Best for You?

In the past, Old Navy and The Gap appear to have carried similar styles. Their clean lines and nautical influences have made them favorites amongst teens and college students. But over time, one chain more than the other seems to have put a bit more consideration into adult women's styles---especially jeans. Evidence of this rests even in the names that the manufacturers choose for their styles of jeans. Where Gap jeans are named specifically according to size and shape, Old Navy Jeans are named with a bit more feminine flair. With flourishes like "Diva", "Flirt", and "Sweetheart", it's quite easy to feel especially girly while wearing them. In perusing the website, there is one thing that I noticed immediately: the price. Gap jeans cost considerably more than Old Navy jeans. In fact, the average difference is approximately $20, with some jeans priced at $30 dollars more than Old Navy Jeans. Additionally, while the online store looks quite similar (in terms of models and displays), I noticed that over all, the GAP jeans appear boxy, and quite "square" across the front, while Old Navy jeans for women seem slightly more imaginative, with a vast array of washes and styles..

Jeans and Guys: beautiful life!

domingo, 1 de febrero de 2009

Bienvenido a Tus Chicos en Jeans... disfrútalos!

Jeans de uso cotidiano (1)

Todo hombre debe tener uno o dos pares de Jeans azules de estilo clásico y de uso cotidiano.

¿Por qué?

Sin duda, porque sería difícil comprar unos Jeans u$s 100 todos los días para estar a la moda.

Levi´s Primavera 2008

The most beautiful Guys wear Jeans!

Old Navy Jeans Are My Fashion Staple - Which Pair is Best for You?

There are few jean manufacturers outside of Levi's that actually serve me and my long legs well. In most stores, if the jeans are long enough for me, then they are too baggy along the hips. Con
sequently, many jeans I try on that fit well in the hips and thighs, are either too baggy in the knees, or too short overall. Women's body types range so greatly that it is often difficult to find that perfect pair---the pair that fits like a glove, time and time again, even after several washes. Enter the stage, Old Navy. This chain of stores specializes in reasonably priced, yet stylish wardrobe pieces, many of which can be worn once that year's "fashion season" ends. In particular, Old Navy appears to have done extensive research on what women want and need in a pair of jeans. For this reason, the last several pairs of dungarees (I like the word "dungarees") I have purchased have come from this store. If you've ever tried on a pair, then you will understand why...

Los chicos hermosos siempre llevan Jeans!