lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

Welcome to Men in Jeans... Enjoy Them!

James Marsden

Disfruta a Gustavo Lima en Jeans...

Facts about Denim...

Eduardo Fiorin

Do Americans buy the most jeans?
Earlier this year as global lifestyle Monitor survey conducted by Cotton Incorporated and cotton council international revealed that Colombians own the most denim items (14.7) and own the most jeans on average (7.5 pairs). While Germans wear denim jeans/shorts most often (4.5 days per week) nearly one-third of the consumers surveyed say they were planning to purchase the same amount of denim. Jeanswear in the next 12 months as the previous year, while 41% of Colombians 32 per cent of British and 31% of Brazilians were planning to buy more denim.

¿Cuál par de Jeans te llevas a casa hoy? Elige el tuyo!

Chad White